Luna's print

gives 5 meals

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    Product Overview

    This is Luna the mermaid’s favorite quote. We’re gushing over the calming ombre of this meditative print, and think its pastel tones would add the dreamiest touch of whimsy to a stylish little one’s room. We hope that Luna’s quote inspires your little one to embrace their inner confidence.

    • 10" x 10"
    • unframed
    • printed on high-quality matte card stock
    • acid free stock to prevent yellowing
    • Forestry Stewardship Council certified stock
    • stock contains 30% post consumer waste
    • stock is chlorine-free

    How does my purchase
    make an impact? 

    1 doll = 10 meals

    You are helping children grow, fight disease, develop cognitively and reach their full potential by providing nutritious meals.

    Fair trade

    You are supporting artisans in Peru with sustainable, fair trade wages.


    You are giving children the energy they need to learn as well as an incentive to send them to school.

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    + feed 30 children
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