Blushing Babes Easter Bundle – cuddle+kind CA
Blushing Babes Easter Bundle
Blushing Babes Easter Bundle
Blushing Babes Easter Bundle
Blushing Babes Easter Bundle
Blushing Babes Easter Bundle
Blushing Babes Easter Bundle
Blushing Babes Easter Bundle
Blushing Babes Easter Bundle
Blushing Babes Easter Bundle
Blushing Babes Easter Bundle
Blushing Babes Easter Bundle
Blushing Babes Easter Bundle
Blushing Babes Easter Bundle

Blushing Babes Easter Bundle

($295 - $363 value)

$216 - $284

Gift bundle includes:

- Ella the unicorn in your choice of size

- Eloise the elephant in your choice of size

- Mia the dog in your choice of size

- Ella's 10”x10” inspirational print ($24 value)

- Eloise’s 10”x10” inspirational print ($24 value)

- Mia’s 10”x10” inspirational print ($24 value)

- 45 meals provided to children in need

- Free shipping ($7 value)

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Please select doll sizes for your bundle:

Ella the unicorn

Eloise the elephant

Mia the dog

Ella's print

Eloise's print

Mia's print

The Blushing Babes Easter Bundle is the ideal gift for stylish little ones who love shades of blush! Mia, Eloise and Ella, and their matching, unframed inspirational prints all have gorgeous handcrafted details and are sure to be loved. Your meaningful gift will be shipped free of charge and your 45 meals will be donated through our giving partnerships to children in need around the world.



Birthday: October 20th

I come from a whimsical place where the sun glitters and the clouds are like cotton candy. I love to bring out the best in people and find the good in all things. I’m so grateful to have met such a special, kind-hearted person as you. Let’s be besties and shine and sparkle together!

Favourite quote: “Let your light shine.”

Ella’s inspirational print is whimsical yet elegant. We love the joyful, inspiring message and hope it brightens your little one’s day.



Birthday: May 31st

I live on a stunning savanna under the gigantic blue sky. I love romance and ruffles and even though I’m little, I want to achieve big things! Let’s be BFFs, stare at the clouds and tell each other our wildest dreams. I have a perfect memory, so I’ll never forget what an amazing person you are!

Favourite quote: “Dream big.”

Eloise’s inspirational print is romantic with fresh colours and, a message that we hope will inspire your little one every day.



Birthday: March 20th

I can’t hide how I feel about life – my wagging tail gives me away every time. I’m a bowl-half-full kind of girl and I’m thankful for every fun new experience that comes my way – like meeting you, for instance. Let’s throw some confetti, choose joy and never look back – we’re not going that way!

Favourite quote: “You’re like a rainbow.”

Mia’s inspirational print is modern and sweet while the watercolour rainbow makes it a stunning piece of décor for your little one’s room.



  • hand knit with premium 100% cotton yarn
  • high stitch count for durability and softness
  • premium felt and knit details
  • stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill to be the ideal cuddle weight
  • safe + non-toxic: US + Canadian safety standard certified
  • available in two sizes: little 13" and regular 20" in height
  • signature 10 meal wristband
  • handmade in Peru using sustainable, fair trade practices


  • 10" x 10"
  • unframed
  • printed on high-quality matte card stock
  • acid free stock to prevent yellowing
  • Forestry Stewardship Council certified stock
  • stock contains 30% post consumer waste
  • stock is chlorine-free

    Special Offer:
    Save $55

    Get 2 free prints
    + feed 30 children
    + free shipping when you buy 2 dolls!

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    How does my purchase make an impact?


    By providing nutritious meals at a key early stage in life, you are helping children grow, fight disease, develop cognitively and reach their full potential.


    By providing school meals, you are giving children the energy they need to learn as well as an incentive to send them to school. This provides an education opportunity to children, especially girls, who might not otherwise have one.

    Fair Trade

    We are proud to provide our artisans in Peru with sustainable, fair trade wages. By supporting cuddle+kind, you are supporting the values of fairness and decency with the products you buy.